Painting? Like a staircase, step by step

MASTERCLASS 2021 | Edition 1 | WEEK 1

Painting involves making choices. What makes the MASTERCLASS unique is the process, which an artist goes through in order to paint his original VISION. At the centre stage.

Each artist has been given 50 small plywood (20x15cm). The purpose is discovering how to build a big canvas of ideas. The small boards allow the artists more freedom to express their inner feeling in multiple ways. Then, they can find what Cornelis Rijken calls the KEY to the soul (the method based on self-discovery). The role of the instructor is to motivate the artists to visually express the “Key”. On the small boards, every artist is search for a spark; that innermost idea they hold inside to express it in numerous ways, day by day.

The large canvas (90cm X 140cm) will become a focused merge of the ideas from the small boards.

The MASTERCLASS is led by Dutch artist Cornelis Rijken and will last until 30th of January, when it will be exhibited at the Seyna Art Gallery.

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