Painting? Like a staircase, step by step

MASTERCLASS 2021 | Edition 1 | WEEK 1

Painting involves making choices. What makes the MASTERCLASS unique is the process, which an artist goes through in order to paint his original VISION. At the centre stage.

Each artist has been given 50 small plywood (20x15cm). The purpose is discovering how to build a big canvas of ideas. The small boards allow the artists more freedom to express their inner feeling in multiple ways. Then, they can find what Cornelis Rijken calls the KEY to the soul (the method based on self-discovery). The role of the instructor is to motivate the artists to visually express the “Key”. On the small boards, every artist is search for a spark; that innermost idea they hold inside to express it in numerous ways, day by day.

The large canvas (90cm X 140cm) will become a focused merge of the ideas from the small boards.

The MASTERCLASS is led by Dutch artist Cornelis Rijken and will last until 30th of January, when it will be exhibited at the Seyna Art Gallery.

Some of you are likely to cry…

MASTERCLASS 2021 | Edition 1

«Heart – Mind and the relationship in between»

Dutch painter and sculptor Cornelis Rijken explains to his students that the path to figuring out what to express is really tough.

It is the first day of the MASTERCLASS and all eight artists taking part are invited to search within and outside their inner selves. The question each one of them is grappling with is: WHAT IS MY VISION?

In four weeks Cornelis Rijken will engage the artists in a complete course which includes producing, exhibiting and promoting high level paintings

The artists will be able to distinguish between their heart and their mind, but also the relationship in between. This will be done through open discussions and activities like eating and thinking together.


Saturday 7TH March 2020 | 5:00pm

The exhibition COLLECTION opened at Seyna Art Gallery on Saturday 7TH March 2020 | 5:00pm. Curated by Dutch sculptor and painter Cornelis Rijken, it is an activation of a ten years old art archive of the works done by the students and community at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design(NIAAD). The same event marked the opening of the exhibition space of Seyna Art Gallery to the wider art and culture market beyond the precincts of the NIAAD Academy.