Seyna Art Gallery was founded in 2014 as a teaching gallery and space to exhibit works of art and art projects done by the students, faculty and friends of Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD). It was constructed with a generous donation from Seyna Sonnichsen (Norwegian artist). In time, the gallery has evolved as a space where several Ugandan artists and academicians have exhibited wide ranging art and design projects from paintings, ceramics, fashion, installation art and crafts made by collectives and communities from around the art academy.
Between January and March 2020, the gallery was given a fundamental facelift to enable it widen its mandate beyond the precincts of the art academy. This was made possible through the concerted efforts of Cornelis Rijken (Dutch Sculptor and Painter) and Eirik Jarl Trondsen (Norwegian Artist/Painter). The goal is to open up an education platform to both local and international artists, but most importantly the emerging talents who have or have not attained formal art education.

Art for Change Foundation, Norway, is the key partner of NIAAD Academy in promoting upcoming artists in East Africa. Its financial support allowed Seyna Art Gallery to fully renovate its premises and program in 2020/2021. For more info: artforchange.no

Seyna team

Cornelis RijkenYowery KiffeDoreen NamatovuJustine Nanyondo
Gallery Supervisor
Gallery ManagerPR&Communication
Fashion Corner Manager
Grace NakkondeBetty NakabuyeDerrick PaulGabriela Morini
Gallery ReceptionHousingPhotographerCommunication Consultant


Lutembe Beach Road
1 Km from Namulanda

Open daily 10:00 am | 6:00 pm