Ahwera Alex


Ahwera Alex is a visual artist-painter from Eastern Uganda. He graduated from Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design with a Diploma in Fine Art. While growing up, Alex has lived in three different parts of the Uganda; East, West and Central. This multi heritage has contributed a great deal to his experience as an artist, his relationship with people and environment. It is against this backdrop that he draws inspiration for his art projects.

As an artist, Alex is inspired by his heritage and the environment which has shaped him into the person he is. Motivated by social-spiritual and social-economic issues, he documents his engagement through drawings, illustrations, paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs with an aim to pass them onto the generation. Alex believes contemporary mistakes and achievements could be lessons for the next generation to make better choices.

Alex experiments with different materials, techniques and styles. Currently, he is exploring other fields in the visual arts and design like branding and advertising, interior and compound designing and carpentry.