Genet Eyayu


Eyayu Genet was born in Durbete, Ethiopia, 470km north of the capital Addis Ababa. He attended his elementary and secondary education in Bahir Dar. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Bahir Dar University in 2007. The same year he joined Addis Ababa University Alle School of Fine Arts and Design. After four years of studying, he received his BFA Degree in Painting with great distinction in 2011.

Since his early works, Eyayu has explored a question that usually nurtures him: ‘Does life influence art or does art influence life?’ This question is best explored in his vivid and expressive paintings. His inspiration comes from culture, life, joy, and sorrow, while recognizing that God is the source of all things. His images give voice to daily experiences. His passion for Ethiopia can be seen in his art works, as he often makes images of the varied people and life using contrasted colors. Eyayus’ works have gotten international, national and regional recognition from different organizations including a public lecture and exhibition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA. He has also been selected to present his work in Quito, Ecuador at the National Summit of Arts for Peace and Life. He is featured in Timeless Magazine in Nigeria as the Artist of National Consciousness.

Eyayu won several domestic competitions. His efforts to make Bahir Dar another alternative art corner in the nation has become a reality. He organizes different art shows in his home city Bahir Dar. Eyayu’s contribution to the developing art culture in Ethiopia is exemplified in his work in Bahir Dar, training eighty students in technical and artistic expression. He continues this work by teaching art in an international school in the same town. Currently, Eyayu is a lecturer at Bahir Dar University and has opened a studio in Bahir Dar to promote local art.