Head&Heart Masterclass

by Cornelis Rijken

4 | 30 January 2021

The “masterclass” is a four weeks Art workshop in which participants work together and explore different aspects of Painting. Participants engage in intensive discussions about the processes of painting, art skills and individual development. All participants work on the same subject so that there is an interaction between the participants.

Time schedule
2 – Days of preparation: Materials, Groundlayers, Canvas, Place (Studios to work in)
3 – Weeks painting
4 – Days creating the exhibition in the gallery and vernissage.

Participants start with an intensive study on the subject, with the production of 50 small paintings, which will be made on 9 mm plywood boards 15×20 cm. (Sketches, drawings, paint , mixed materials).
Out of those study-paintings every Artist select and execute 1 or 2 big paintings of size 90×140 cm.
The climax is an exhibition in the SEYNA ART GALLERY of all the work which have been produced throughout the Masterclass.

The main selection criteria is based on the applicant’s artistic talent, quality and originality exhibited in previous work done by the Artist.
Selection of participants /Artists is NOT based on any of the following: Social-Economic class, Gender, Age or Education background

Participants are selected by a representative from Art for Change Foundation (main sponsor) together with the instructor Cornelis Rijken.