30 January | 28 February 2021
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The Exhibition “HEAD&HEART” marks the end of a four-week Masterclass held in the studios of Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design.

Dutch painter and sculptor Cornelis Rijken (artcornelis.com) has been challenging 11 artists to create an original painting, a masterpiece. “Rather than a reproduction or imitation, the final piece of art should be an individual effort to convey personal interpretations”, he says.

The artists have been invited first to search in the profundity of their heart and bring forth the hidden emotions that colored their life (awerness), second to transfer the key-discovery to the surface of a canvas, balancing the head with the heart.

Painting is a craft which demands discipline, so discipline, which involves motivation, study of the subject and techniques to express it, has played a central role. The artists have been asked to devote 6-day per week to create their artpiece, including the preparation of their canvas with wooden frames, cotton fabric and primer paint.

The method of teaching has been based on persuing a wide study on small plywood boards. Day by day, layer by layer, colors have been replacing black and white, the paint … the pencils. “The artist closes in and the main canvas takes over till the day when the painting starts to talk to its creator: the work is over, the masterpiece is there.”

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