Seyna is a young Art Gallery, a teaching gallery located within an Art institution: Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD). One of the gallery’s objectives is to nurture talent, but also to be a space where all artist, most importantly upcoming artists display their talents.

For this particular Christmas Exhibition, we thought that we could have some upcoming Artists who have previously displayed work at the gallery, to share a space with famous Ugandan Artists. SAG requested the Artists to contribute an art work or two for the duration of the Exhibition.

We envisage that this gesture of sharing Exhibition space will have a lasting impact on the upcoming Artists and encourage them to practice for greater horizons in Art
The name of the Exhibition “N’ezikookolima “ is a Luganda proverb. N’ezikookolima : Gaali magi translate into English as “Also those (roosters) which crow : were once eggs“.

The translation we adopt is one by Ferdinand Walser, from his collection “Luganda proverbs”:
All big things have small beginnings“.

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3 thoughts on “N’EZIKOOKOLIMA

  1. Hallo can I exhibit one or two of my art work s
    With you and how much is it and when


    • Dear Ceaser Muliro, thank for expressing interest and choosing Seyna Art Gallery. Currently all slots are full. We have Ten Artists exhibiting in this show. Next time we will send out a call to invite artists to contribute Artworks.

      Maybe, we have an online Community for Seyna Artists on whatsup. Can I include you so that you get instant updates about events and opportunities at SAG? If yes please send me your contact on +256 754130191


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